Empowering Innovation in Traditional Mindsets

As an entrepreneurial leader in a large corporation focused on AI, CV, ML, and edge computing in retail, my primary challenge has been fostering a shift in mindset among traditional retailers towards embracing innovation. My strategy involves aligning the integration of advanced technology with the company's long-term vision, emphasizing the necessity and benefits of adapting to a rapidly evolving retail landscape. I initiate open dialogues with retail stakeholders, explaining how technological advancements could enhance efficiency and customer experience. Through strategic pilot programs, we continue to demonstrate the tangible benefits of these technologies, gradually overcoming skepticism. This approach has propelled our technological advancements and played a crucial role in transforming the traditional retail mindset, making them more receptive to future innovations and maintaining the company's competitive edge in a dynamic market.

Yevgeni Tsirulnik

SVP of Innovation and Incubation, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Retail Reshaped: Shifting Mindsets in the Tech Era