Growing up as the son of immigrant parents, honesty was a cornerstone in my upbringing, shaping my approach as a CEO. My father emphasized the importance of truth, whether it involved good or bad news. This principle is crucial in business; it's about being intellectually honest and transparent. By sharing the complete picture, everyone can contribute more effectively to problem-solving and decision-making. Avoiding sugarcoating or partial truths prevents mistakes and fosters a culture of trust and collaboration. This isn't just about business leadership; it's a life philosophy. Embracing honesty, even in challenging times, guides my decisions and actions as a leader.

Henry Kim

Co-Founder & CEO, Swiftly

When I was 4, I moved from the Soviet Union to the USA. Growing up, my mother and grandparents ingrained in me the opportunity we had to create the lives we wanted through hard work — an opportunity they hadn’t had before. I saw my mother put herself through nursing school while also working a job and raising me on her own.

In my role today, I try to learn from the lesson she taught me: It’s a privilege to be where I am, and to get to help build a company, and every part of the work — from making important hiring decisions to helping a customer understand how to use an API — is part of the privilege.

Eli Finkelshteyn

Co-Founder and CEO, Constructor

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Our lunches on Sunday’s were like business meetings, where my grandfather, father, brother and I were all working together. That experience has led me to my role at Contentsquare today. I believed that there had to be a better way for people to search the web and became obsessed with helping brands better understand what their customers were trying to achieve online. As I've hired over the years and continued to lead, I’ve learned that it’s not only important to be good but to also do the best possible job I can. My leadership style is that I trust others and I find the best people to surround myself with. 

Jon Cherki

Founder and CEO, Contentsquare

Leadership Roots: How Childhood Shapes CEOs