"The most invisible form of wasted time is doing a good job on an unimportant task." - James Clear

This quote has played a big role in my life over the past 10 years, and especially over the past 15 months or so since I became a father and time has become even more precious. It's incredibly easy to spend time on unimportant tasks by focusing on the seemingly urgent tasks, many of which are unimportant. And, when you do a good job on those things it still feels good, so you get the dopamine hit of "achieving" or "accomplishing" something irrelevant. It's 100x more important to prioritize effectively than to just "do work". Think: what's the one action that moves the needle more than 100 other actions?

Khaled Naim

Co-Founder and CEO, Onfleet


Optimistic yet Cautious

Productive Priorities: The Power of Focused Actions

James Clear is a writer and speaker. He is the author of the

#1 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits and the popular 3-2-1 newsletter.