I have always found that leading with fairness has been instrumental in helping me build diverse teams and developing meaningful relationships in my career. Assuming that people are operating with the right intentions has also allowed me to harness both the individual talents and the unique contributions of all team members. I know that everyone is different and that they go about working and thinking differently. Recognizing alternative paths that are heading toward the same destination makes for a more pleasant and enjoyable journey.

Jon Beck

CEO, Columbus Consulting

The ability to focus. Many people spend too much time worrying about things they can’t control or affect. When there’s a problem to solve, whether work or personal, you need to identify the one or two things that’ll have the greatest impact on the resolution, then put a laser focus on them. Then accept the outcome, whatever it is, and move on. There’s always something else that requires your attention. I went from being a sales rep to the CEO of a public software company in just 10 years and I attribute a lot of that success to focus.

Mark Woodward

CEO, Annex Cloud

Perseverance is key. It might sound cliché, but when it comes to a startup environment, it's all about not giving up. Challenges such as losing deals or facing competition are constant, but it's crucial to keep moving forward, learning from setbacks and focusing on the positive. For instance, if you lose one deal but win five others, that's progress. Also, hiring people of high character is vital—they keep you grounded and prevent negative spirals. Let’s not forget, we are all human; we all face moments of doubt. But it's important to avoid dwelling on what's in the past and instead, keep failing forward, surrounded by a team that shares your values.

Henry Kim

CEO, Swiftly

Leadership Essentials: The Key Character Trait for Success

Leadership Essentials: The Key Character Trait for Success