My success has been shaped by a blend of resilience, adaptability, empathy, integrity, and strategic thinking. Whether it was bouncing back from early project setbacks with resilience, swiftly adapting strategies to meet market changes, employing empathy to unify a diverse team, steadfastly upholding integrity in challenging situations, or applying strategic thinking to navigate complex scenarios, these traits have been instrumental. Each has enabled me to turn challenges into opportunities, foster trust and innovation in my team, and guide my career with a balanced and forward-thinking approach, proving their collective value in the dynamic landscape of business.

Yevgeni Tsirulnik

SVP of Innovation and Incubation, Toshiba Global Commerce Solution

Emotional intelligence is the most important character trait for working with my retail customers. After three years of great strain on retail supply chains, those of us in the logistics business need the confidence and empathy to help our customers through what is now a time of great change. Inventories are lean now. Forecasting is dynamic. Real-time visibility down to the item level is critical. That means I have to be motivated to collaborate in new ways with my customers to get them the right product at the right place at the right time.

Noah Hoffman

VP & Head of Retail Logistics, C.H. Robinson

I believe my curiosity has been most instrumental to my success and has opened me up to a life long journey of learning. I recall a time when I was working in a retail store during the holiday season. I was helping a customer find the perfect holiday gift, asking questions about who they were shopping for, what motivated them for gift buying, etc. It was both exhilarating and frustrating – exhilarating when you could match the perfect product to the customer and frustrating when the size or color wasn’t there. I started asking the question – how do you get the product to the right location, or why isn’t the product in the place it needs to be when it needs to be there? My entire career has been shaped by that question.

Julie Cheney

Director of Retail, enVista

Leadership Essentials: The Key Character Trait for Success

Leadership essentials: the key character trait for success