Foundations of Leadership: Wisdom from Visionary Minds

One of my favorite inspirational quotes is, "The best way to predict the future is to create it," which is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln. This quote resonates deeply with my professional journey, especially during the early days of HIVERY. At that time, our product, HIVERY Curate, was just a concept met with scepticism. The retail industry was still using traditional methods, and the idea of using AI for hyper - local assortment optimization was ahead of its time. However, this quote inspired me to keep pushing forward and innovate instead of waiting fo r the market to present an opportunity. This mindset led us to pioneer a solution that has now become an integral part of our client's strategy development processes, truly creating the future we envisioned for retail analytics.

Franki Chamaki

Co-founder & VP Marketing, HIVERY


Optimistic yet Cautious

Pioneering Innovation in Retail Analytics with HIVERY Curate