Leadership Roots: How Childhood Shapes CEOs

My family was filled with idealists and activists who got involved in social as well as environmental issues. I remember them telling me no matter how far you are from a goal, you just have to start. And I remember my mother teaching me never to give up - we went on hundreds of mountain hikes together in Norway and we kept going until we reached the top. I’ve always had the feeling that everything in business is a marathon and we can’t stop until we reach the goal. And then we set a bigger goal and find the next mountain to climb.

Are Traasdahl

CEO and Founder, Crisp

Leadership Roots:

How Childhood Shapes CEOs

Growing up in Little Rock, I was always surrounded by strong, hardworking women, including my mother, aunt, and grandmother. Despite the challenges of being a single mother, my mother, Marion, received a doctorate degree and pursued a successful career in counseling psychology. She exposed me to different people, places, and opportunities to help me imagine what my life could be—and she encouraged me to develop a strong work ethic and ability to thrive no matter the circumstances.

Curtis Howse

CEO of Home & Auto at Synchrony (NYSE: SYF)