Balancing Life: Creativity, Exercise, and Stress Relief

When my children were very small, there was no alternative but to focus on them after a long day of work.  Reading bedtime stories and bathtime are the perfect antidote to a difficult or busy day!  Now they are away at University, I have more time, and have recently resumed an interest in drawing and painting.  Having a creative outline that requires both concentration and relaxation is a great way to change gears after a demanding day or week.

I am also a huge believer in the power of exercise to relieve stress, both physically and mentally.  From early days as an agency account director, to my role now, finding time in my day to move has been important.  I think variety is important too, and as I have moved my locations, different options have appealed from 'Absolute Abs' and steps classes just off Oxford Street in London, running around Stanley Park in Vancouver, boxing in NYC's Soho, barre classes and pilates in the Financial District, to my current mix of online yoga classes, Peloton and in-person cardio and strength training.  I recently added daily meditation to the mix too.

Vanessa Cartwright

NA & UK CEO, Astound Commerce

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