Observers forget that leaders by their nature have developed the ability to be strong and often charismatic communicators.  It is critical for leaders to communicate strategic intent and vision, but too often people are enamored by what leaders say.

The true measure of effective leadership in a challenging business climate is based on the ability to deliver strong outcomes, as measured by innovation, market growth, financial performance, and talent retention and acquisition.  Effective leaders are those who captain their organizations to be highly productive and deliver strong outcomes that go beyond the halo effect of leadership.

Rich Pirrotta

Group CEO, Synergy Logistics Synergy North America, Providers of SnapFulfil WMS

In 1953 Peter Drucker wrote, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” In today’s business landscape, many leaders have lost sight of this, instead reacting, and responding to the many exogenous social, environmental, political, and viral moments impacting society. The creation and retention of a customer comes from innovation and marketing.  Innovation comes from within but relies on the voice of the customer to guide us.  Marketing must resonate with the customer to convey the unique value proposition of the product we are selling.  Innovation and marketing not focused on the creation and retention of customers distract us from the true purpose of our companies’ existence.

Ken O’Brien

CEO, Gemini Shippers

Leadership in Focus: Dispelling Common Misconceptions