Holiday Shopping Realities

Our recent Nfinite Holiday Shopper Report, based on a survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers, reveals that economic uncertainty is driving more budget-conscious shopping. Specifically, 30% of respondents reported reduced holiday shopping budgets compared to the previous year, with 33% planning to buy fewer holiday-themed products. These changes are attributed to a desire to save money (46%), concerns about economic uncertainty (39%), and personal financial shifts (38%).

While spending may be down this year, shoppers remain engaged, with 50% planning to start holiday shopping earlier, 76% prioritizing price in online gift purchases, and 66% actively seeking product discounts. Retailers play a crucial role in guiding consumers during this time. The findings underscore the importance of compelling content across all channels to shape purchasing decisions in a cost-conscious world.

Peter McCall

Chief Marketing Officer, Nfinite

Shopper Patterns: Notable Data Points