Inspire, Inform and Influence

Experiential transformations continue to be a driving force in retail spaces, and digital integration has evolved from being a nicety to a necessity. From big box retailers to car rental service counters and specialty stores of all shapes and sizes, interactive and artistic elements catalyze an emotional connection with consumers and drive bottom-line results.

Contrary to some beliefs, physical retail space is not going anywhere. People still want to gather, interact with products, and have instant gratification by walking out of a store with their purchase. But the vision of the physical space and how consumers interact with that space has dramatically shifted.

For over 42 years, Gable has provided visual solutions that inspire, inform and influence the built environment. But, while our level of service has remained steadfast, the tools of the trade have changed. Adopting technology, such as kiosks, digital displays, and window posters, brings a new level of customer experience and new retailer revenue streams — a welcome boost in the wake of the pandemic.

"Shopping" is out. "Experiencing" is in. Those who get it and adopt it will stay relevant.

However, implementing a digital signage program requires careful consideration of strategy, hardware, software, content, and return on investment. Such technology is unchartered territory for many retailers and can be overwhelming and costly if not done correctly. As a result, retailers are turning to industry experts like Gable to guide their digital programs throughout new and existing stores. With so many product options on the market, the collaboration between retailers and visual solutions providers is more important than ever. Once a clear strategy and vision are in place, expectations and budgets can be better managed, leading to positive results, including:

  • Attracting consumers to spaces via engaging experiences
  • Connecting the online presence to the in-store experience
  • Creating multiple brand touchpoints through the customer journey
  • Creating location-based promotions for in-store buyers only
  • Showcasing new products
  • Generating revenue via advertising opportunities
  • Establishing a private media channel for heightened exposure

Not only are retail clients asking for digital technology, but their customers are also coming to expect it, and their expectations are growing higher by the minute. Retailers that continue to approach their signage needs as a commodity and with a "vendor" mindset will be left in the dust. As a result, future-minded retailers are encouraged to seek a visual solutions "partner" to help them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape from the beginning and through the evolution. "Shopping" is out. "Experiencing" is in. Those who get it and adopt it will stay relevant.

The State of the Retail Industry 2023

JAN 2023