Focus on acquiring diverse experiences. Work in different functions... Seeing a wider context will help you be more innovative and make better business decisions throughout your career.

Virginia “Gina” C. Drosos is the Chief Executive Officer and has been on Signet’s Board of Directors since 2012. Gina previously served as President & CEO of Assurex Health, where she delivered significant revenue growth and executed the strategic sale of the Company to Myriad Genetics for up to $410 million.

A forward-thinking mindset is what defines Gina. Under her leadership, Signet, the parent brand of Jared, Kay Jewelers, Zales and others, is breaking the age-old jewelry industry model by empowering people with new and innovative technology. She is pioneering 'Digital first retailing' in jewelry segment. For the first time ever, customers can book “virtual” appointments, ask “Live Experts” for advice, join live events and engage across their personal social media channels to find that must-have piece of jewelry. Gina had carefully crafted the '‘Path to Brilliance’ strategy and led her team to focus on reaching new customers with new technology. The company’s strategy is gaining traction. During COVID-19, Signet's e-commerce sales soared.

Prior to Assurex Health, Gina spent 25 years at The Procter & Gamble Company where she held positions of increasing responsibility with strong proven results and became a thought leader in Beauty and mass brand retailing. She most recently served P&G as Group President, Global Beauty Care, an over $6 billion business unit with a portfolio of more than 20 brands, each with its own marketing strategy, over 6,000 employees and 22 manufacturing sites. In this role, she had responsibility for overseeing the business unit operations, strategy and long term business development, successfully transformed the unit’s digital marketing efforts including the first digital-only brand campaign for P&G’s Secret brand, and innovated large brands, such as CoverGirl, Old Spice and Olay. Olay grew from a less than $200 million to $2.5 billion iconic mega beauty brand under Gina’s leadership.

Gina holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The Terry School, University of Georgia, and a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Here's Gina's advice for aspiring leaders, “Be a continual learner and develop a broad perspective. When you're early in your career, don't focus on the next promotion or how fast you are moving up. Focus on acquiring diverse experiences. Work in different functions. If you're in the finance organization, ask to work for a few months in the marketing organization. If you work in retail, ask to work in a store for a week. Have cross mentoring sessions with your multifunctional counterparts. And always ask a lot of questions, even when it feels a little uncomfortable. Seeing a wider context will help you be more innovative and make better business decisions throughout your career.”

In an interview with the Authority Magazine, Gina said, "CEOs need to have a clear vision and focused strategy that creates room for other leaders in the organization to succeed, and also set a culture that allows everyone to bring their best work to the table every day. That’s how high-performance teams are created — by unlocking discretionary effort toward common goals. Strategy and culture begin from the top."

Virginia “Gina” C. Drosos

Chief Executive Officer, Signet Jewelry

March 2022

The Forward-Thinking Leader

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