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An executive conversation with Brandon James

Director of Creative + Strategy

DigitlHaus is an award winning, full service, digital eCommerce agency. Through design, development and marketing, we grow businesses by creating experiences people love.

We understand, the future of your brand depends on your user experience. If you’re not capturing your customer’s attention within 5 seconds of them landing on your website, then it’s time to make a change. User experience is defining the digital landscape. From functionality to user flows, the user experience is what will set apart a successful online store from an unsuccessful one. If you’re getting traffic, but conversions are low, investing in an agency that is experienced in UX should be top priority.

Simply put we provide conversion focused, beautifully built UX for our clients. Each store we build we take into consideration the following:

  • Trends & Best Practice Implementation
  • Conversion Optimization Strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Brand & Industry Research
  • Customer Shopping & Conversion Flow Strategy

  • Client Data & Analytics Review
  • Image & Photo Research
  • Font & Color Research
  • Demographic & Culture Research
  • Mapping & Restructuring

We assist eCommerce clients in various ways:

Design: Create a concept. Provide a branded eCommerce experience that is.    strategically designed to increase conversions and boost customer retention.

Development: Taking the experience and bringing it to life by developing it on a Saas platform such as BigCommerce or Shopify.

Marketing: Drive traffic to the site with Paid Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Retargeting Ads or Search Engine Optimization.

We design and develop eCommerce stores on SAAS type platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. These platforms are constantly changing for the better and adapting to new best practices and best technology. This ensures our Clients are always using the latest and greatest eCommerce solutions for their business.

For clients looking for replatforming, moving to a new platform can be tricky and time consuming. We have migrated hundreds of stores from platforms such as 3DCart, AmeriCommerce, Volusion, WordPress, Salesforce and custom platforms to platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. You’re in good hands no matter the type of migration or complexity.

If it’s not a native platform functionality or there isn’t an app for we can custom develop it. We’re a Certified and Elite BigCommerce agency partner. We are also partners with over 50 technology providers that provide eCommerce tools and solutions to our customers. We create one of a kind technology and build unique tech-stacks for our Clients.

For example, we designed and developed the first online dealership for our Client JDBNow on the BigCommerce platform. We custom developed a live feed hub from their PIM into the BigCommerce catalog which syncs and shows the latest inventory at all times. We also developed an automated hub to their PIM, through which customers can request credit checks, trade in information and vehicle service. The experience is easy to use and navigate and provides a staple for the JDB brand.

One-Stop-Shop for Everything Commerce

Delivering Beyond Pixels & Code

We love to partner with our clients long term with monthly retainer or support engagements. We ensure their tech-stack, platform and UX is always up to date and running smoothly and efficiently. We provide Conversion Rate Optimization services to ensure our clients looking to be the best in their market, these are clients that are the most successful.

Just about every website we have ever designed and developed has seen an increase in conversions. We’re unique in the sense that we provide designs that are competitive, visually pleasing and that connect with the consumer. Most importantly they are designed to convert and sell.

We provide dedicated teams through the life of each project/client and for post deployment partnerships. We think it is very important to build dedicated teams that learn the brand and are evolving with the Client rather than a new team for each service/phase completed.

Our ultimate goal for all of our clients is to ensure their site has the best user experience possible. When it does, the second determining factor to success is driving traffic to the site through marketing


The future of eCommerce will be providing experiences that are unique, different and stand out. As competition gets fiercer, eCommerce business owners will need to make a statement. This is where we will succeed as we are doing these with our clients today. Although it’s far and few between, we love clients that throw the creative ball fully in our court so we can do as we please. These types of clients receive the best designs and results period.