MRM Commerce

HQ: New York, NY

An executive conversation with Libby Morgan

President of MRM Commerce

At MRM Commerce (formerly Optaros by MRM), we help brands grow meaningful relationships with people through commerce. We bring offline brands online, launch new digital businesses and disrupt industries.

MRM Commerce is focused on end-to-end commerce, including commerce strategy and digital transformation, commerce visual and interaction design, marketplace optimization, and commerce platform implementation for platforms such as Salesforce and Magento

We offer our clients the following - strategy engagement, design, development, support and optimization

MRM Commerce focuses on continuous improvement – and has an ongoing focus on leveraging data, analytics, market research, our innovation engine, optimization loop, test and learn scenarios, and current industry trends—which continuously streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and heighten productivity. We then look to facilitate continuous operational growth and scale – level of effort, resource mix and scale, utilization, automation, reusable components, training and development, and post mortems.

MRM Commerce is mindful that e-Commerce is a revenue-generating channel, and therefore we monitor metrics and analytics carefully and focus on rolling out features that will exceed business and revenue goals.


  • Vow’d: MRM Commerce designed, built, and implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Altar’d State new wedding dress brand, Vow’d. We created an omni-channel experience where brides are able to engage with a Personal Bridal Stylist whether shopping online, in-store, or over the phone. The commerce experience allows brides to book an appointment online, customize sessions based on the robust digital product catalog, try-at-home capabilities before, or in lieu of, in-store fittings, virtual viewing parties and access to regionally sourced wedding vendors.

  • Kashiyama: MRM Commerce spearheaded Kashiyama’s digital transformation by architecting an online flagship store with a commerce presence that would mimic Kashiyama’s in-store experience, while still maintaining the pillars of the brand – reliability, innovation and high aesthetics. MRM Commerce also implemented a suit configurator, which renders online suit design in real time. Customers can select fabric, color, lining, lapel, pockets, pleats, buttons and more – over a million different configurations.

  • Century 21: MRM Commerce designed, architected, and implemented a commerce solution that allows Century 21 to promote, merchandise, and track inventory online and in-store, while still managing a complex catalogue of millions of constantly changing items.

  • Nordic Naturals: Guided Nordic Naturals’ digital transformation in support of their goals to expand market share and leverage e-commerce as a key part of that growth strategy. We provided a seamless customer experience that is a true blend of content and commerce, as it was paramount for Nordic Natural to be able to inform and guide the customer to their appropriate needs.


  • Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation
  • Marketplace Analysis and Optimization


  • Technology Implementation
  • 24x7 Global Platform Maintenance & Support


  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Data Architecture & Engineering


  • Creative and Interaction Design
  • Omnichannel Architecture


To accomplish business objectives set forth by our clients, we work with multiple stakeholders in our client’s organization to discover, define, design and deploy every new commerce website. These phases are tied together with clear focus on the predefined objectives of each project. Within these objectives, we identify and implement best practices for the success of our clients.

The foundation of our strategic implementations lies in our “Five Ds” methodology

Discover: The Discovery phase is where we validate requirements, gather information via stakeholder interviews and potential customer discussions. We believe detailed requirements are best defined through rapid visual iterations that allow stakeholders to see what they will get, starting at the very beginning of the project – not at the end, when it is too late and too costly to change.

Upon project initiation, our team engages in a multi-week Discovery phase. During Discovery, several workshops are conducted in order to elicit a set of clear and concise stakeholder needs. The first workshop is a brainstorming and requirements gathering session, which discusses and documents site features, functions, integrations and needs. These are later transformed into a formal set of associated User Stories and Acceptance Criteria. Another workshop is then scheduled, to review the User Stories and Acceptance Criteria and ensure alignment with project stakeholders. Once full alignment is reached, technical workshops are executed in order to further clarify the requirements, enable proper architecture definition and requirement activities.

Define: The Define phase is where we finalize the requirements and details of what exactly we are building.activities.

Design: The Design phase is where user experience and design teams embark on collaborative workshops to deliver a proof of concept. This proof of concept is inclusive of wire frames and branding.

Develop: The develop phase is where development begins. Throughout the entire development lifecycle, we ensure that code reviews and client demos are considered and planned for. There are checkpoints to ensure compliance with commerce best practices and requirements prior to launching a new site, or making substantial changes to existing sites.

Deploy: The Deploy phase is the final phase of a project, starting with QA and remediation onward.

MRM Commerce understands that client organizations take a range of shapes, and e-Commerce success comes from being both knowledgeable and compatible. As a full-service agency, we tailor our engagements to be the best possible partner to each of our clients. And differentiate by having an elite implementation team that can engage with and deliver the customer experience vision of our commerce focused strategy practice.

We partner with each client to build robust commerce experiences that will help them succeed, and enable them to nimbly respond to market threats by capitalizing on opportunities with cutting-edge technologies.

For Clarks, one of the world’s largest footwear brands, we devised a technology road map and go-to market strategy for the brand’s B2B tools to execute the brand’s segmentation strategy across five markets.

We have helped clients reach new levels of success by implementing technologies, like voice activated re-ordering and auto product replenishment. We have also helped other clients improve their client's experiences by implementing light AI applications like smart product recommendations and chatbots. Voice assistant skills and APIs are creating new opportunities for clients to transact with their customers.

Our team has also helped transform numerous B2B organizations, and grow their business by adopting a B2C approach for clients. This is not limited to e-Commerce transactions, but includes the use of customer portals, rich content, personalization, customer service features, and new technologies, such as AI and AR, to empower their clients.

What makes MRM Commerce different is our ability to understand our client’s business goals and objectives, and to create a technical strategy that enables those revenue generating objectives. Our lens is always focused on the customer experience and the people-to-people relationships – whether the experience is for B2C or B2B.

Meaningful client engagement