An Executive Conversation with Adam Morris 

CEO, Redstage

HQ: Jersey City , NJ

Redstage is an Ecommerce development agency specializing in custom development and integrations for B2B businesses. We build optimized Ecommerce websites for top names in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and distribution. We take pride in our ability to provide unparalleled support for a multitude of diverse market demands.

With 10 years of eCommerce excellence and more than 700 eCommerce sites managed, Redstage is the most experienced agency in the industry. Our capabilities enable us to build profound eCommerce experiences and conquer even the most unique B2B challenges for clients. Redstage is proud to be a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner, BigCommerce Elite Partner, Magento Enterprise Partner, and Shopify Plus Partner.

We are truly building B2B’s digital leaders and we have unique insight into the industry. We advise clients on the unique challenges that B2B companies will face in the market, and help them prepare for long-term success in eCommerce. The business landscape in B2B is changing incredibly rapidly. Years ago we were talking about the changing demographics of B2B buyers and how that was forcing B2Bs to have a more B2C-like buying experiences. Now we’re talking about companies creating marketplaces to become the market leaders in their industries and take over new industries by better serving their customers online.

Being focused on creating leaders in B2B means we can really invest in research and zero-in on trends. We’re past talking about how quickly B2B ecommerce is transforming and on to marketplace threats and threats from companies like Amazon.

The key to success in B2B Commerce lies in the choice of platform and integration architecture with other systems. In its simplest form, platform decisions have four main pillars: Implementation (time and cost), total cost of ownership, feature fit, and fitment for future states. We conduct an analysis that helps clients identify the technology most appropriate fort their situation.

We’ve helped Olam International become a leader in agri-business. They’ve pioneered some of the first digital platforms in their industry. We also worked with DMEhub to develop a B2B marketplace to connect buyers of medical equipment with doctors and reduce time for the ordering process.

We consistently survey our customers to understand what they need us to be best-in-class at. The two main themes are expertise in digital transformation (because the B2B ecommerce market landscape requires companies to transform at an incredibly fast rate) and they ask us to be rock solid in the platforms that they require for Ecommerce transformation. This is because very often they have little or no core expertise on the platforms internally, while they do have teams that run SAP or other core business tech, ecommerce tech and the surrounding technologies are quite new to them.

Adam Morris

Service Offerings

Raising the Bar for B2B

We are driven by our employees – a gathering of innovation geeks, original thinkers and passionate practitioners. Our areas of expertise span a wide range of disciplines, making it possible to develop solutions across fields and industries. Diversity in our skills, personalities, nationalities, and viewpoints form the cornerstone of our practice.

We cultivate industry-leading talent that empowers our clients with the confidence and clarity to achieve successful Ecommerce transformations. Designing and launching a stunning Ecommerce website is only the first step. As an agency programmed for long-term client support, we provide vertical-specific expertise to strengthen your digital strategy at every step of the process.

Maintaining a great client relationship means that we have to continue to invest in people, process, and tools. A miss in any of these areas means we have gone right off the tracks. Providing enterprise-support starts with culture, we pepper in the right experience based on your industry and continued investments in learning and development process.

We used a number of tools to help us identify the culture we had inside the company years ago that represented the best of what people had to offer. I don’t totally believe having a great culture ensures your success, but when people value the same things on the same level, it fosters trust between team members. In an agency sport, trust begets creativity, collaboration, and better solutions for our customers. We’ve promised our employees and make our hiring decisions based on that culture, and use it to solve conflicts and grow into the future. We make continuous investments in learning and development. Our employees are constantly learning.

We invest in employees whose experience aligns with our client’s business. Many of our team members have work experience serving in specific industries like manufacturing, aerospace, CPG, and more. Their direct experience allows us to give a deeper level of insight to our clients.

We believe in transparency with our customers. We’ve invested in tools that give customers full insight into our work. They have a portal where they can easily get reports, track progress, and understand risks and challenges so we are all on the same team together.

We’ve created a process hub and developed a system of gamification to keep processes up to date and continuously update processes.

The Genesis

Founded in 2008, Redstage continues to design, build and support digital commerce. We were acquired by Fulcrum Digital in 2016, which has given us a lot more runway to growth and to achieve our mission financially as well as a lot of support from larger company operations (finance, legal, HR, recruitment) and allowed us to focus on building our people, process, and tools around our core mission of creating B2B’s digital leaders. It also helped us gain oversight from heavy hitters in the industry, which is definitely a plus.

Redstage is used to existing in a financial crisis because we were born the day the market crashed in 2008. Redstage’s original mission was to build ecommerce software for multichannel management, we were closing in on funding, and putting together the team, and our funding dropped out from under us the day the market crashed.

We had already built a great team of agency industry veterans to help us build the company. As a result, we embarked on the agency work, pivoting the mission of the business and we’ve been quite successful. Though our history we’ve differentiated ourselves by focusing on what was considered the “less sexy” part of the industry. As we evolved we honed our mission to creating B2B’s Digital Leaders, focusing on companies with at least half a billion in revenue because they have the resources and vision to transform their business.