Monica Grove

HQ: Atlanta, GA

An Executive Conversation with Monica Grove

co-Founder & CEO 

Marketplace Sellers helps businesses sell their products on Amazon and other marketplaces. We offer full account management where we handle everything from building optimized product listings to providing reports that forecast demand and determine inventory needs. We work with clients to help them determine their Amazon strategy as well as protect and manage their brand. Our approach is very hands-on which enables our clients to focus on their other business operations. Navigating Amazon is quite complex and we offer an outsourced solution for businesses that would rather use our expertise than spend time on their own learning how to be successful.

We have a dedicated technology team that sets up integrations between Amazon and 3rd party tools that support a business on Amazon. The efficiencies that come with using these tools enables streamlined operations and visibility across stakeholders. Some examples of the providers we use connect shipping software, sync inventory, and provide sales insights.

The Opportunity

We built several successful eCommerce businesses and then saw the opportunity of having your products on Amazon. Across our various businesses we started selling our own products on Amazon as both vendors and 3rd party sellers and quickly saw how valuable this channel would be for our sales growth. Navigating Amazon as brand new sellers gave us a wide range of experience and helped us hone in on our expertise with Amazon. The business came to be when other business owners in our network and friends started reaching out for help on Amazon. At that point we recognized there was a need for this type of business, and others trusted us to be their Amazon expert.

Amazon is only going to keep growing. More and more consumers have started taking advantage of eCommerce over the last several months leading to further growth for Amazon. It is not an option to not have an Amazon strategy. Businesses have to develop their own brand and presence on Amazon or someone else will. More than ever, it is vital to be a Brand Registered business on Amazon and actively monitor and market your products in a way that is consistent with your brand across other channels.

The Client Journey

With any business we take on as a client, we review their current operations that will impact Amazon. This ends up including areas such as their shipping technology, eCommerce site, inventory management, product catalog, and more. Depending on where they are currently, we work with them to bring them to at least our basic level of best practices in these areas. That is the added benefit in working with us on Amazon since the success of selling on Amazon also depends largely on your main business operations.

Our main mission is to provide uplifting service through servant leadership. This lies at the heart of everything we do. From the beginning, we are selective in how we choose clients to ensure they are a good fit and that we are in a position to help them become successful on Amazon. Our approach is personalized and we want to be partners with our clients for years to come. That approach has to be a fit for our clients also so we can maximize the relationship. We deliver on what we promise which is what clients value the most. They continually tell me that they are so happy with us and our work, and to me that is the best indicator of the strength of our client relationships.

Online Marketplace Selling

Wondering what it takes to sell (or sell more) on Amazon & online marketplaces? Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, we have the proven path from product listing, optimization, marketing and order fulfillment to drive online marketplace sales on Amazon and elsewhere.

E-Commerce Design & Optimization

Do you have products you want to sell online? We use captivating, purposeful and innovative design to create e-commerce solutions that drive action. Sales increase through conversion rate optimization, average order value, and repeat customers. We design, build, and improve cutting edge websites to sell more products.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Accelerate traffic to your website or marketplace listings through tactics such as email campaigns, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) , Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and search engine optimization. Enhanced visibility and higher search rankings result in increased conversions and ROI.

360° & 3D Product Photography

Capture the attention of shoppers on Amazon and your own website and turn them into customers with engaging photography and 360° and 3D product imagery. By giving customers the ability to see all aspects of the product online, you will separate yourself from your competitors and see sales grow.

The edge

In selling on Amazon, change is happening frequently. We always work to be in a position where we are ahead of what is happening and what changes are likely coming down the road. By staying connected with other experts in this area and using our past experience to determine likely outcomes, we are able to coach our clients and stay flexible. Additionally, the account setup, inventory, catalog, reporting, and assets are all created in a way that can be adjusted quickly when something changes on Amazon.

Our experience as sellers and vendors on Amazon with our own internal businesses over years of working with Amazon positioned us to take on the many challenges businesses will experience. There is no easy way to start selling on Amazon and no rule book or guide that includes all the scenarios and challenges that will come your way. What we offer has come from years of selling on Amazon and experiencing various situations, troubleshooting problems, testing content, finding workarounds, and consulting with other experts in the space.