How Loop's Products Help During the Holidays

By Tara Daly, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Loop

Loop makes returns easier for their customers and more cost effective for brands. There’s no better way to prepare for the holiday season than to get your returns in order with Loop.

Loop not only automates your returns seamlessly, but also provides a wide array of smart, useful products that enable you to glean valuable insights from your customers, customize your automation and your return policies, and incentivize your shoppers to make exchanges over returns (and even capture upsell revenue in the process).

Workflows: Loop’s most powerful automation feature, Workflows, is built to provide intelligent and seamless solutions to make your work efficient and easy. With Workflows, you can save money on shipping and help the planet by allowing customers to keep items that either cannot be restocked or resold. You can segment your return policy to provide different returns options to different customers. Or use Workflows to extend the return window for VIP customers or offer free returns to your most loyal customers. Another powerful way to use Workflows during the holidays is to incentivize serial returners with fees. The options are endless.

"Returns don’t have to crush your bottom line. With the right tools, your post-purchase experience can transform into a top retention driver and support your brand on the path to profitability. With Loop, merchants can flip the script on returns."

Shop Now & Shop Later: Shop Now feature allows customers to fully shop the entire store during their return, so that they have every chance to find a new product that they love instead of having to settle for a refund they probably didn’t want in the first place. Shop Later takes this process and allows customers to put their exchange on hold until they’re ready to commit to a new product. What’s more, Loop’s Shop Now Bonus Credit feature provides compelling incentives to your shoppers during a return by offering them additional store credit toward their exchange.During the holiday season, what’s better than an extra gift or two? 

With Shop Now, Shop Later, and Bonus Credit, gift-giving—and gift-receiving—has never been more convenient. When your shoppers are given a gift they might not love, Shop Now can turn an unwanted gift into a new loyal customer by giving them the full shopping experience instead of a gift card they may never use.

Instant Exchanges: Instant Exchanges allow shoppers to exchange their unwanted items for the merchandise they want, quickly, without having to worry about out-of-stock notices. They simply select the product they’d like to exchange for, provide their credit card information, and the exchange processes immediately, with no need to wait for their return to reach the warehouse.The credit card hold serves as fraud protection, so you can leverage this feature risk-free.If the original item is not sent back to the warehouse, or if a return is deemed fraudulent, the customer is automatically charged for the missing item. Speed and safety in returns? Sounds like a holiday must-have.

Advanced Exchanges: At the core of Loop’s features is the ability to level up your shoppers’ exchanges. With Loop, you can automate every return—leaving your customer support team free to address any returns that are more complex, without burning them out during the busy holiday season. You can choose between typical variant exchanges which allow your shoppers to swap one size for another, and advanced exchanges that provides more flexibility in the exchange process

Point of Sale : For ecommerce merchants who also have physical storefronts, Loop Point of Sale provides a seamless way to connect your online returns with your in-store operations. With our point of sale system (POS), you can prompt shoppers who start a return online to drop-off in-store, saving money while driving foot traffic. Often, shoppers prefer to make a return in-store during the holidays, so that they can browse in store, especially when they’re returning gifts that require a specific fit, like clothes or footwear. With Loop POS, you don’t just save on shipping labels while getting more products in your shopper’s hands. You also give your shoppers more options, and keep returns convenient for both parties. POS also chats with your ERP for you, and allows flexibility with the restock destination for each exchange. Plus, Loop’s brands who use POS save up to an estimated 780 hours of labor every year. That’s more than a week’s worth of full-time work every month!

Insights: With Insights, Loop captures and provides reports on your customers’ returns data, so that you can glean valuable product and customer behavior insights from every return. In preparation for holiday season, you can use valuable returns feedback to update your product descriptions and size charts to proactively reduce returns. You can leverage exchange data to provide helpful recommendations during the returns after your shoppers purchase their gifts.

Tracking: During the holiday season, customers are more likely to want updates on their packages—they have parties to get to, and don’t forget–Santa can’t exactly leave an IOU under the tree. Holiday shoppers rely on Loop’s tracking tools to keep an eye on where their gifts are at any given time.

Logistics: Loop’s Logistics tools allow brands to tackle the questions of shipping and handling easily, and in a way that jives with your budget. With Loop’s rate-shopping, you can save money with the lowest shipping rates. Plus, your operations team has total control over where your returned products end up, managing multiple destinations, every time—especially important as return rates grow over the holidays. Loop links seamlessly with carriers, 3PLs, WMSs, and ERPs, along with any other tech tools you may depend on. When it comes to your shoppers, they are looking for the easiest path to return. Leveraging returns as a key retention strategy, Loop provides numerous options for reverse logistics, from at-home pickup to packageless drop-off and more.

In conclusion, Loop’s automation and exchange tools are exactly what brands need to face the holiday season and provide a world-class shopping—and returns—experience to their customers during this time of increased returns and high expectations.

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