New consumer expectations you need to know and how to exceed them

Produced by CDW

David Dobson, Global Industry Director – Retail, Hospitality and Consumer Goods, Intel

Andy Szanger, Director of Strategic Industries, CDW

Andy Szanger and David Dobson spoke at NRF 2023 about the new consumer expectations that retail companies need to know and how they can exceed them to ultimately deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. 2022 posed many new and ongoing challenges for both retailers and consumers, from the ongoing pandemic to supply chain disruption, labor shortages, inflation, to rising energy costs and global uncertainties. These types of challenges caused consumer expectations to evolve and for retail operations to rethink the in-store experience to meet increased demands. But amidst all of this uncertainty, change and complexity, exists opportunity for retailers to think about the use of digital technology as an accelerator to help attract the many different types of shoppers back into physical store locations to create better brand engagement and loyalty. Retailers are creating social engagements, interactive and immersive experiences and more, ultimately creating a seamless journey across digital and in-person experiences. CDW is uniquely positioned along with support and collaboration from its partners like Intel and others to partner with retailers., using technology, to both remove friction from the checkout process and create in-store experiences that not only bring customers back to the store but make them want to spend more time there through personalized and immersive brand moments and experiences.

FEB 2023