Returns are a powerful engagement opportunity - one you can’t ignore

Produced by Trigo

Michael Gabay, CEO and Co-Founder of Trigo, spoke about their company's cutting-edge technology in the retail space. Trigo's technology converts full supermarkets into autonomous stores, powering grocery stores with market-leading frictionless checkout and digitized operations. Trigo's technology also provides real-time analytics, efficient planogram compliance, and event-driven marketing for retailers. By using computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Trigo expertly maps and manages store space, enabling the digitization of physical space. Trigo has partnered with top retailers such as Wakefern, Aldi, and Tesco to digitize their physical spaces and bring analytical tools similar to those of e-commerce websites. Michael highlighted the value that Trigo's autonomous stores bring to retailers, such as cost reduction, labor optimization, operational efficiencies, revenue generation, improved customer experience, and additional sales floor.

Charlie McWeeney, VP of Technology, Innovation & Strategy at Wakefern, presented the company's efforts to modernize grocery stores with computer vision-powered frictionless shopping and automated operations. He also touched upon the company's approach to innovation, highlighting its focus on carving out resources and having a dedicated team working on technology projects. The company collaborates with technology partners, incubators, and other retail partners to bring forward solutions. Wakefern, the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States, aims to improve its customers' shopping experiences by adopting computer vision technology to enable frictionless checkout at grocery stores. The company is partnering with Trigo, a provider of computer vision technology, to pilot the new technology in two stores. Wakefern aims to streamline the process of adoption, make it easier to define, quantify, and communicate the return on investment, and focus on projects that directly impact the bottom line.

FEB 2023