Digital Transformation at Tapestry 

Produced by Publicis Sapient

Mandeep Bhatia VP, Global Digital Product & Omnichannel Innovation Tapestry

Abhinav Sharma Sr. Client Partner Publicis Sapient

Mandeep Bhatia, VP Global Digital Product & Experience at Tapestry discussed digital transformation at the company. He explained that digital transformation is about capturing value through more efficient operations, more value from customers, or more value from the ecosystem. Tapestry, an American multinational luxury fashion holding company is the parent company of Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman, among other brands. Bhatia discussed the company's strategy for digital transformation, which focuses on customer-centricity. The company's transformation includes building an ecosystem, which goes beyond an e-commerce platform and encompasses the entire range from the marketing stack to the commerce stack and data technologies. To monitor the progress of its transformation, the company measures customer value capture at every stage. Tapestry has developed a global platform for common ways of working that is not only for North America but also for the Japan region, Asia, and Europe, to enable a more efficient and data-driven culture. Mandeep emphasized that communication and training were critical parts of the transformation journey. He also mentioned some of the challenges they faced during the two-year journey and how they overcame them, such as ensuring that everybody was part of the journey, not just at the start.

Steering the conversation with Mandeep was Abhinav Sharma, Sr. Client Partner at Publicis Sapient. He highlighted how as a digital transformation partner, Publicis Sapient has been instrumental in helping Tapestry embrace progressive, agile and cost-effective ways to deliver against the increasingly sophisticated needs and wants of customers. Through various question he posed to Mandeep, it was visible how Publicis Sapient unlocks value, fusing strategy, consulting and customer experience with agile engineering and problem-solving creativity.

FEB 2023